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What To Do Now Breaking Bad Is Over | Weekly Films

So Breaking Bad has come to an end. You’re either as gutted as I am or are just sick of hearing about it, but either way here’s something for you die hard fans we threw together as a small tribute. Watch below or on YouTube

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Water | Weekly Film

Water | Weekly Film

The film for this week was shot in Malta. Rob tries his best to persuade his brother, Chris to go swimming in the sea with him.

The dialogue for the film is completely ADR’d (Automated Dialogue Replacement) to practise sound editing techniques. Watch on Y…

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The Lucky Penny

Another week, another film. This week it’s about a ‘lucky’ penny. Will it really bring Rob good fortune though? Watch and find out below or on YouTube.

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Oscars Nominations 2013

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I’m currently working on a new blog. I’m making it myself on Serif WebPlus so it may take a while. Will keep you posted with developments 

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