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Filming went very well yesterday. Footage is looking good

Meet another character from our upcoming hybrid music video #music #video #drawing #girl #animation #musicvideo #film #movie

Woo! We’re getting a lot of visitors to today

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Interview for behind the scenes of @AudaxMovie #Interview #Movie #filmmaking #behindthescenes

What’s that in the new Godzilla (godzillamovie) trailer? Read the article and let me know what you think

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A Brief History of the Oscars

Every wonder why they’re called Oscars? Watch this video for a brief history of the Academy Awards

What's Next For RWDFilms?

What’s Next For RWDFilms? Find out here

Announcing AUDAX

Announcing +Audax, sci-fi movie coming 2014

BAFTA 2014 Nominations Announced| RWDFilms

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