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With less than 2 weeks to go until the release of Godzilla, 5 new clips have been released. Check them out here: #Godzilla

(Source: ageofsuperheroes)

Work on Rob’s Year, a 1 second video every day for a year, has been going strong now for over 6 months

Very productive day filming our upcoming music video #music #video #camera #musicvideo #light #film #filmmaking

Filming went very well yesterday. Footage is looking good

Meet another character from our upcoming hybrid music video #music #video #drawing #girl #animation #musicvideo #film #movie

Meet another character from our upcoming hybrid music video

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What's Next For RWDFilms?

What’s Next For RWDFilms? Find out here


We said it would be online and here it is: I DON’T GIVE TO DUCKS, the latest RWDFilms weekly film

Year Long Project - Preview of Rob’s Year | Weekly Film

This is the most ambitious RWDFilms project to date. A film that spans an entire year.
There are 525,600 minutes in a year, by the end of the year this film will have captured 6 of those. 1 minute, every day, for a year. Check out the video below which…

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